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Global Economic Symposium

GES Themes 2011 Literature
The Global Economy Redesigning Fiscal Consolidation and Debt Management
Coping with Systemic Risk
Open Innovation and Access to Knowledge
Projects: Using Evidence to Fight Poverty
The Global Society Migration, Integration and Identity
Insuring the Poor
Funding Social Enterprises
Improving Retirement and Health Choices
Board Diversity and Corporate Governance
The Global Polity Avoiding Currency Wars and Ensuring Balanced Global Recovery
Internet Governance Structures
Identifying and Preventing Future Security Threats
Norms for Global Governance
Mobilizing Global Capital for Emerging Infrastructure Needs
The Global Environment Managing Adaptation to Climate Change in the Developing World
Dealing with the Race for Agricultural Land
Water Scarcity and Virtual Water Trade
Reducing the Water and Waste Footprints of Megacities
Pioneering Smart Electricity Systems
Shaping a Global Resource Strategy


GES Table of Contents 2010 Literature
The Global Economy Reassessing Central Banking
Fighting Sovereign Debt Crises Worldwide
Escaping the Informal-employment Trap in Developing Countries
Women as Foundation for Rural Development Policy
Improving Educational Infrastructure through Emerging Technologies
Rebalancing Trade and Capital Flows
Building Thriving Companies in Low-Income Economies
The Global Society Financing Old Age
Growth through Poverty Reduction and Financial Inclusion
Preparing for Environmental Migration
Shared Value and Sustainable Business Strategy
Providing Portable Unemployment Insurance to Overseas Workers
Growing the Social Economy in a Fiscal Crisis
The Global Polity Reconciling Trade and Carbon Governance
Stopping Human Trafficking
The Psychology of Terrorism
Sustainability and Global Governance
Cybercrime, Cybersecurity and the Future of the Internet
Working Group on Building States and Markets
Responses to Potential National Insolvency
The Global Environment Climate Change and Economic Development
Meeting the Rising Global Demand for Food
Tackling the Tragedy of the Water Commons
Towards a Global Electricity Market
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