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Intereconomics: The Financial Transaction Tax – Boon or Bane? (Forum)

Against the backdrop of the debate over the introduction of a financial transaction tax (FTT) in the European Union, this Intereconomics Forum is dedicated to the discussion of issues concerning the implementation and impact of such a tax on the financial sectors of the member states. With articles by D. Schäfer, D. Masciandaro, S. Schulmeister, J. Vella, F. Passarelli, R. Buckley

“The (financial transaction) tax will tend to reward longer-term investments over ultra-short-term trades and thus nudge markets towards better fulfilling their traditional roles and away from serving as financial casinos.” from Ross P. Buckley’s Forum article.

Lesen Sie alle Beiträge im Forum des Intereconomics, Issue 2, March/April 2012