Nordkorea: Volkswirtschaft zwischen Atomtests, Sanktionen und Hunger

Die Demokratische Volksrepublik Korea hat durch den jüngsten Atomwaffentest im Mai und wiederholte Raketenstarts im Juli den UN-Sicherheitsrat veranlasst, weitere Sanktionen zu verhängen. Dieser Entschluss wurde von allen 15 Sicherheitsratsmitgliedern mitgetragen.

Zu den ökonomischen Auswirkungen von Sanktionen und zur wirtschaftlichen Lage in Nordkorea finden Sie eine Zusammenstellung von aktueller Literatur, recherchiert im Online-Katalog ECONIS der ZBW.


The possibility of economic reform in North Korea / Keun Lee, Byung-yeon Kim and Insook Lee.

North Korea : domestic politics and economy  / Rüdiger Frank.

Benchmarks of economic reform in North Korea / Patrick McEachern.

New sanctions for a new century : treasury’s innovative use of financial sanctions / Orde F. Kittrie.

HRM and Asian socialist economies in transition : China, Vietnam and North Korea / Ngan Collins, Ying Zhu and Malcolm Warner.

  • (2009) Working paper series / University of Cambridge, Judge Business School ; 2009,01 Volltext prüfen & bestellen Online-Ressource (42 S., 112 KB).

Current North Korean economy : overview and prospects for change / Youn Suk Kim.

The Soviet Union’s economic and political implosion : the fate of North Korea / Will Sung Yang.

Impacts of the Korea – U.S. free trade agreement on intra-Korean relations / Seung Hyun Lee.

Famine in North Korea redux? / Stephan Haggard and Marcus Noland.

The political economy of economic reform in North Korea / Yong Soo Park.

The (non) impact of UN sanctions on North Korea / Marcus Noland.

Special issue: experience of transition economies and implications for North Korea ; [SNU Economics (BK21)-KIEP-SKRI International Symposium] / [ed.] Byung-Yeon Kim.

The participation of North Korean households in the informal economy : size, determinants, and effect / Byung-Yeon Kim and Dongho Song.

Is exchange rate regime relevant for transition from plan to market? / Laszlo Halpern.

Transposable and non transposable lessons from the transition experience / Gerard Roland.

Market reforms in North Korea : are they for real? / Jong S. You.

Economic sanctions against a nuclear North Korea : an analysis of United States and United Nations actions since 1950 / edited by Suk Hi Kim and Semoon Chang.
“Several essays propose ways to make such sanctions more politically effective while limiting their harmful humanitarian consequences. The book also discusses the impact of the newest, six-nation agreement signed in February 2007 which would shut down North Korea’s nuclear facility in return for economic aid and a security guarantee”–Provided by publisher

Evaluation of the North Korean July 2002 Economic Reform / Sung-wook Nam.

Economic reforms in North Korea (1998 – 2004) : systemic restrictions, quantitative analysis, ideological background / Ruediger Frank.

North Korea after the nuclear crisis : the future of the economic reforms / Ralph M. Wrobel.

North Korea’s external economic relations / Stephan Haggard and Marcus Noland.

  • (Aug. 2007) Working paper series / Peterson Institute for International Economics ; 07,7 Volltext prüfen & bestellen Online-Ressource, 45 S., Text.

An assessment of economic restructuring and transformation efforts in North Korea : theoretical and strategic interpretation of the economic reforms – towards a dependent transformation? / Oh Yeon-Cheon.

Market socialism in North Korea : a comparative perspective / Gary Stradiotto & Sujian Guo.

Industrial policy for North Korea : lessons from transition / Paul Hare.

Structural change of the North Korean economy since the year 2000 / by Yang Moon-soo.

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