Supply-Chain-Management und Lagerhaltung

Supply-Chain-Management gewährleistet die Abstimmung aller relevanten Beschaffungsprozesse und die Koordination verschiedener Lieferanten. In diesem Zusammenhang werden in der Literatur häufig theoretische Fragen zur Lagerhaltung behandelt, die wir Ihnen in einer Literaturübersicht zusammengestellt haben.

Multi-location inventory models for retail supply chain management : a review of recent research / Narendra Agrawal and Stephen A. Smith.

Bounded rationality in newsvendor models / Xuanming Su.

Quantifying supply chain ineffectiveness under uncoordinated pricing decisions / Chung-Lun Li.

An investigation into the effect of full-scale supply chain management software adoptions on inventory balances and turns / by Alan I. Blankley; Moutaz Khouja and Casper E. Wiggins.

Integrating the number and location of retail outlets on a line with replenishment decisions / Hussein Naseraldin; Yale T. Herer.

A distribution method for bullwhip reduction / Mahyar Eftekhar; Ahmad Makui; Kenth Lumsden.

Mathematical modeling of floating stock policy in FMCG supply chains / Morteza Pourakbar, Andrei Sleptchenko, Rommert Dekker.

Learning by doing in the newsvendor problem : a laboratory investigation of the role of experience and feedback / Gary E. Bolton; Elena Katok.

Bestandsoptimierung für das Supply Chain Management : zeitdiskrete Modelle und praxisrelevante Ansätze / Lars Fischer.

Supply chain contract management : a performance analysis of efficient supply chain contracts / Marcel Sieke.

Strategic inventory placement in supply chains: nonstationary demand / Stephen C. Graves; Sean P. Willems.

Replenishment sequencing in a supply chain with balanced ordering / Sheng Hao Zhang; Ki Ling Cheung.

Decentralized multi-echelon supply chains / Hau L. Lee and Seungjin Whang.

Using inventory for competitive advantage through supply chain management / Thomas C. Jones and Daniel W. Riley.

Jointly managed inventory model and implement analysis / Guoling Lao; Lei Xing.

Risk pooling strategy in a multi-echelon supply chain with price-sensitive demand / Yue Dai; Shu-Cherng Fang; Xiaoli Ling; Henry L. W. Nuttle.

A new mathematical model for a distribution network problem in a multi-product supply chain system: a real-case study / Masoud Rabbani, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam and Hossein Parsa.

Characterizing order process of using (R, n Q) inventory policies in supply chains / Xiaoming Li; V. Sridharan.

Real-world multiechelon supply chains used for inventory optimization / Sean P. Willems.

Exact methods and a heuristic for the optimization of an integrated replenishment-storage planning problem / Ay¸se Akbal¸k, Sekoun Kebe, Bernard Penz and Najiba Sbihi.

Coordination mechanisms for inventory control in three-echelon serial and distribution systems / Henk Zijm; Judith Timmer.

Optimisation of supply chain inventory for multiretail and multiitem class consumer product problems using genetic algorithm / Prasan Das; Subhasis Chaudhury.

Two-stage supply chain coordination through credit option in asymmetric information environment / S. P. Sarmah; D. Acharya; S. K. Goyal.

Comparative study on decentralised inventory policy and vendor managed inventory with (r, Q) replenishment strategy / Airong Zhang; Zigang Zhang; Xiang Guo.

A Supply chain logistics for warehouse management / David E. Mulcahy; Joachim Sydow.
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A case study of spare part inventory system for machine Hansa : A Filler based on Q probalistic model / Evi Oktaviana und Gunawan Tjahjono.

Analysis of various forecasting approaches for linear supply chains based on different demand data transformations / Roman Schmidt.

  • (2007) Working paper / Institute of Information Systems, University of Bern ; 196 Volltext prüfen & bestellen Online-Ressource (PDF-Datei: 14 S., 134 KB).

Exploring the bullwhip effect by means of spreadsheet simulation / Robert N. Boute and Marc R. Lambrecht.

The value of coordination in a two echelon supply chain : sharing information, policies and parameters / S. M. Disney, M. Lambrecht, D. R. Towill and W. Van de Velde.

A periodic-review modeling approach for guaranteed service supply chains / John M. Bossert; Sean P. Willems.

VMI modelling in global and electronic markets / Maria Chatzipanagioti, Vasiliki Theodori and Dimitrios Vlachos.

A comprehensive analysis of the newsvendor model with unreliable supply / Yacine Rekik; Evren Sahin; Evren Sahin.

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